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Pump Mounted Drives / PMD

DieselRx™ Pump Mounted Drive

DieselRx® supplies pump mounted drives/PMD's.

  • Brain box for O.E. Stanadyne Injection Pumps on 6.5L GM/Chevy Diesel Engines for years 1994 - 2002

  • O.E. Drives fail due to heat

  • Our Pump Mounted Drives have added thermal insulation

  • Reliable

  • Longer lasting

PMD Comparison

Our Pump Mounted Drives have added insulation.

Comparison of DieselRx® Pump Mounted Drive with ordinary Pump Mounted Drive Chevy pickup

Who Needs our PMD?

Owners of Chevy 6.5L diesel engines, years 1994 - 2002.

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