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DRX-Heavy Duty Module

DRX-Heavy Duty Module

Optimize Your Engine

The DRX-Heavy Duty Module is a plug and play module that taps into the Class 8 fuel delivery system and monitors the vehicle's fuel actuators and/or injectors. When in operation, the module optimizes the duration of fuel delivery when the truck is under load for greater overall efficiency. Module does not exceed factory parameters and will not over extend the engine.


  • Increased fuel saving of .5 - .7 MPG

  • Enhance fuel curve

  • 15-30 minute installation

  • Lifetime warranty


Photo of Class 8 Semi Truck driving at high speed
  • Cummins
    • ISX (Up to 2010)
    • P/N: DRX08101
  • Caterpillar
    • C10, C12, C15, C16
    • P/N: DRX08201
  • Caterpillar
    • C15 Acert
    • P/N: DRX08202
  • Detroit
    • Series 60 (1997-2003)
    • P/N: DRX08301

*Additional engine applications in development and testing.

Easy Installation:

DRX-Heavy Duty Module harness and side view

DRX-Heavy Duty Module Kit includes:

  • Application Specific Wiring Harness

  • Application Specific Module

Quick 15-30 minutes Installation

Module Functionality

The DRX-Heavy Duty Module offers a new, state of the art approach to fuel economy in Class 8 equipment.

  • Other modules, for all intents and purposes, are timing boxes which alter the factory signal by opening the injectors earlier in the compression stroke. This creates extremely high stresses and heat which often results in engine damage.

  • With that in mind, the DRX-Heavy Duty Module was designed as a post ECM module (no footprint) which operates within the engine manufacturer's specification for injector timing eliminating the possibility of engine damage.

How Does It Increase Fuel Economy?

  • The DRX-Heavy Duty Module is designed to work only when the engine is under a heavy load, i.e. climbing any type of grade from slight to significant.

  • The module asks the engine to safely create more power to get past the heavy load situation in a much timelier manner. This may seem counterintuitive, but the numbers do not lie.

On Road Example

Truck #1 (Without DRX Module):

  • An ISX equipped tractor going up a grade at 1600rpm has a fuel burn rate of approximately 24 gal/hr or 0.40 gal/min.

  • If it takes the tractor 30 seconds to climb this grade, 0.20 gallons of fuel are burnt during this heavy load situation.

Truck #2 (With DRX Module):

  • The same ISX equipped tractor going up that same grade at 1600 rpm will have a burn rate of approximately 26.5 gal/hr or 0.44 gal/min.

  • However, with the DRX module installed, it only takes the tractor 20 seconds to climb the same grade, which correlates to .13 gallons of fuel burnt meaning .07 gallons of fuel were actually saved under the same heavy load situation.

Everyday Situation

During the course of an everyday fuel run, long haul tractors will see countless grades similar to and more significant than the example described above resulting in overall fuel mileage gains of 0.5 to 0.7 mpg.

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